Finlay Short (Owner)

Finlay Short

Hi guys! My name is Finlay. I stumbled upon boxing during a difficult period in my life, seeking not just a physical outlet but a mental and emotional sanctuary. Boxing, with its discipline and promise of self-improvement, offered me a beacon of hope.

As I delved deeper into the world of boxing, I encountered significant issues, particularly with the quality and suitability of equipment. Ill-fitting boxing gloves led to injuries, subpar gear affected my training, and the lack of reliable, unbiased information on equipment made every purchase a gamble. These problems didn’t just hinder my progress; they nearly derailed my passion for boxing. 

Determined to overcome these hurdles, I spent countless hours researching, testing various products, and seeking advice from seasoned professionals. The turning point came when I came across a comprehensive review online about the best boxing gloves. This review was a revelation, providing not just product recommendations but also educating me on what to look for in boxing gloves. It was a simple yet effective solution that profoundly impacted my boxing journey.

Armed with the right boxing gloves, I noticed a dramatic improvement in my training and performance. Injuries became a thing of the past, and my confidence in the ring soared. The experience was a pivotal moment for me. It highlighted the profound impact that quality equipment and reliable information can have on a boxer’s journey. It fueled my passion to help others in the boxing community avoid the pitfalls I had encountered. I realized that my experiences, both the struggles and triumphs, have equipped me with unique insights into the needs of boxers at all levels.

Thus, Official Things was born. My mission was clear: to create a platform that provides boxers with unbiased, tested, and reliable information on boxing equipment. I wanted to ensure that no one else would have to go through the frustrations and setbacks I experienced due to inadequate gear. This isn’t just a business to me; it’s a way to give back to the sport that has given me so much, to support fellow boxers in their quest for greatness. 

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Janet Martinez (Marketing Manager)

Janet Martinez

My role as the Marketing Manager at Official Things is a culmination of my diverse background in marketing, now channeled into the dynamic world of boxing. My introduction to boxing wasn't through personal participation but through the power of its community and spirit, which I encountered unexpectedly at a charity boxing event. That evening, something clicked within me. The determination, the discipline, and the raw emotion on display spoke to me on a level I hadn't experienced before. It was a world away from the marketing environments I had navigated previously, yet it presented a familiar challenge: connecting with an audience on a deep and meaningful level.

This realization sparked a pivot in my career. I became fascinated with the idea of applying my marketing skills to a sport that prides itself on authenticity and resilience. Boxing, with its rich history and passionate followers, offered a unique opportunity to merge strategic thinking with genuine storytelling. It was a shift from what I was used to, requiring me to immerse myself in the sport's culture, understand its values, and speak its language.

At Official Things, my journey has taken on new dimensions. Here, my task is not just to market products but to weave the essence of boxing into our brand's narrative. My aim is to create connections, foster a community, and provide value that goes beyond the physical products we review and recommend. It's about telling stories that resonate with our audience, stories of triumph, struggle, and the relentless pursuit of excellence.

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James Martin (Content Manager)

James Martin

I'm James Martin, the Content Manager here at Official Things, but my roots in the boxing world run much deeper than my current title might suggest. Born and raised in a small town that prides itself on a strong sporting culture, I found myself drawn to the boxing gym as a place of discipline, challenge, and community from a young age.

For over a decade, I've worn many hats in the boxing industry, but most notably, I've served as a coach, guiding and mentoring aspiring boxers through the rigors of training, preparation, and competition. This role has offered me a front-row seat to the triumphs and trials that come with the sport, fueling my passion and deepening my understanding of boxing's intricate dance of strength, strategy, and spirit.

Over the years, I've witnessed a recurring issue that has left its mark on too many promising athletes: injuries resulting from the use of subpar equipment. The allure of cheap boxing gloves and shoes, often chosen for their price rather than their quality, has led to unnecessary setbacks for countless boxers. The consequences of these choices aren't just physical; they impact an athlete's confidence, progress, and sometimes, their ability to continue in the sport they love. Witnessing young talents struggle or even sideline their boxing dreams due to avoidable injuries has been disheartening.

This issue is what drew me to Official Things. My purpose here extends far beyond creating content. It's about leveraging my experiences and insights to educate and guide our community. I aim to ensure that every boxer, regardless of their level or background, has access to reliable, honest advice on choosing the right equipment. By shedding light on the importance of investing in quality gear - not just for performance but for safety - I hope to prevent the kind of injuries I've seen all too often.

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Jack Warren (Head Tester)

Jack Warren

I'm Jack Warren, the Head Tester at Official Things. My journey with boxing began in the corners of a modest gym. Over the years, my dedication to the sport has not only shaped me as a boxer but also led me to my current role, where I manage a team of passionate testers dedicated to scrutinizing the boxing equipment that we recommend to our readers.

Our mission is straightforward yet vital: to ensure that every piece of equipment we review meets our high standards for quality, durability, and performance. This task is more than just a job to us; it's a commitment to the boxing community - a promise to offer advice and recommendations that boxers can trust.

Having seen first hand the difference that the right pair of gloves or the perfect pair of boxing shoes can make, I've become deeply invested in our role as gatekeepers of quality. Injuries due to inferior equipment are all too common, and it's our goal to steer our readers away from these pitfalls. Under my leadership, our team rigorously tests products in real-world conditions, simulating the rigorous demands of boxing training and competition. We're not just looking at how these products perform out of the box, but how they hold up over time, ensuring that we recommend gear that can go the distance.

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