Are Cleto Reyes boxing gloves the champions’ choice for you? You’ve come to the right place for a straightforward, in-depth review of the Cleto Reyes gloves, specifically their Hybrid Training Edition gloves.

We’ll let you know how these gloves measure up in terms of protection, comfort, and long-term value - attributes that have earned Cleto Reyes a loyal following in the boxing world. Whether you’re hitting the heavy bag, sparring, or stepping into the ring, get ready to discover if these gloves can go the distance for your boxing journey.

Quick Summary

Cleto Reyes boxing gloves are known for their handcrafted quality, superior wrist support, and are favored by professionals such as Muhammad Ali and Manny Pacquiao. The gloves feature Safetec technology with a two-layer foam for shock absorption, extra padding on the knuckles, and are anatomically designed for comfort and protection.

Despite their high price range, the durable leather construction, hand comfort, and the gloves’ adaptability for various training and sparring scenarios make them a good investment for any serious boxer.

How we tested the Cleto Reyes Boxing Gloves

Boxer testing Cleto Reyes boxing gloves during a training session

We conducted a thorough series of tests to provide an unbiased review of the gloves. We assessed comfort by ensuring the fit was appropriate for the hand size and weight of the tester, considering that boxing gloves can weigh anywhere from 8 to 20 ounces. We evaluated the protection level by using the gloves in different training scenarios, including hitting heavy bags and sparring, to test the padding and wrist support.

For durability, we observed the materials of the gloves, noting that leather gloves offer high durability and the ability to withstand tears, scrapes, and high-speed impacts. We scrutinized the ease of making a proper fist within the gloves as this is crucial for comfort and effective striking. Feedback from experienced boxers familiar with the wear patterns of different glove brands also informed our assessment of the gloves’ longevity.

The Cleto Reyes Brand

Cleto Reyes training gloves displayed in a professional boxing ring

With over 70 years of experience in producing high-quality boxing gloves, Cleto Reyes is a brand synonymous with the sport of boxing itself. Its roots trace back to Mexico City, where founder Cleto Reyes Castro, an amateur boxer himself, started handcrafting gloves after repairing his own pair following a fight. This humble beginning quickly evolved into a globally recognized brand that has been part of countless world title fights.

Despite offers to outsource production, Cleto Reyes has staunchly upheld its commitment to maintaining the handcrafted quality of its gloves, a decision that has garnered respect from top-tier fighters worldwide. The brand’s gloves have been worn by boxing greats, including Muhammad Ali, Manny Pacquiao, and Mike Tyson, reinforcing its significant presence in the realm of professional boxing.


Cleto Reyes training gloves distinguish themselves through their pronounced emphasis on protection. The brand’s Safetec Gloves, for instance, are designed to conform to the natural shape of a user’s fist, promoting proper punching technique. The gloves feature a dense, two-layer foam that provides enhanced shock absorbency and offers full padding on the front, back, and wrist to protect you.

The design also includes an exclusive Thumb Lock feature for added safety during use. The Muay Thai gloves are made of durable leather, ensuring they stand up to the rigors of both bag work and mitt work. With a comfortable hand compartment, these gloves cater to a wide range of fighters, with sizes suitable for both men and women, covering weight classes from welterweight to super welterweight and above.

Weight and Sizes

The gloves are available in a variety of sizes as opposed to weight classes, serve the needs of a broad spectrum of fighters. For instance, a size Medium glove approximates a 14oz glove, but the actual weight may vary depending on the specific model and style.

This flexibility in sizing allows fighters to choose a glove that fits their hand snugly for optimal control and protection during training or bouts.

Wrist support

Cleto Reyes Hybrid Training Gloves also rise above the competition with their superior wrist support and hand wraps. They are designed with a handcrafted leather velcro strap that includes both lace and hook & loop closures, providing a firm adjustment and better protection for the wrist. This design aims to lead to a safer workout by preventing the hand from bending and potentially being damaged.

The combination of laces and a Velcro strap offers flexibility in fit and additional security for wrist support, ensuring a comfortable and safe training session.


The neat stitching on the gloves, indicative of their superior craftsmanship, enhances their durability and lifespan. Every stitch is meticulously placed, ensuring a slim profile without compromising on the glove’s structural integrity. This attention to detail is part of what sets Cleto Reyes training gloves apart, reflecting the brand’s commitment to delivering a product that stands up to rigorous use while maintaining its form and function.


Close-up of compact padding in Cleto Reyes gloves

The padding in the Cleto Reyes gloves is a prominent feature that sets them apart. These extra padding gloves have half-inch foam padding coverage located on the top of the knuckles, enhanced safety for every punch, and strict quality control to ensure consistent performance and protection.

Moreover, the gloves use water-repellent lining to prevent moisture from entering the padding, helping to maintain the gloves’ weight during use. This padding is anatomically designed to conform to the hand’s shape, providing a comfortable and secure fit.

The extra padding gloves, as well as other gloves, also include an additional half-inch foam padding on the top of the knuckles to deliver safety and a powerful impact with each punch.


The inside of the gloves matches the impressive quality of their exterior. The gloves feature a premium cowhide leather lining that promises a fantastic feel during use. The water-repellent lining prevents moisture from entering the padding, maintaining the glove’s weight throughout your training session.

This commitment to quality extends to every detail, ensuring that each new pair of Cleto Reyes gloves delivers both exceptional performance and comfort.


The gloves are notably comfortable. Users have reported that the gloves offer a comfortable fit right out of the box, conforming more naturally to the hands over time. The gloves offer good flexibility for various training activities such as bag work, pad work, and sparring. Despite the snug fit, the gloves have sufficient wrist room to avoid constriction, while still providing support.

However, users with larger hands or those who prefer a looser fit might consider sizing up or choosing a model with a more generous cut with a larger hand compartment.


The gloves are particularly praised for their durability. Our rigorous testing showed that a pair of Cleto Reyes training gloves is estimated to last between 2-3+ years with regular use, including a mix of casual and hard training sessions. The gloves’ ability to maintain their shape and provide consistent wrist support was monitored over several weeks of testing to determine their structural integrity.

With proper care, including drying them naturally in a well-ventilated room and wiping them with a damp cloth after use, these gloves can withstand the test of time.


These gloves also excel in terms of breathability. The gloves incorporate small ventilation holes in the palm area to improve airflow and ventilation. This feature helps keep your hands cool and dry during intense training sessions, reducing discomfort and sweat accumulation.


Various colors of Cleto Reyes boxing gloves on display

Cleto Reyes gloves not only serve their purpose well but also shine in the style quotient. With a classic design and minimal branding, the gloves are available in various colors, which are highlighted below.

  • Electric Blue
  • USA Flag
  • Metallic Purple
  • Brilliant Yellow
  • Classic Red
  • Black/Silver

This allows for personalization to suit individual preferences.

The brand also offers special editions such as the Cleto Reyes Professional Boxing Gloves WBC Edition and Silver/Black Steel Snake, providing unique visuals while maintaining the classic design.


Preserving the condition of these gloves is a simple task. After use, the gloves should be wiped with a damp cloth, followed by a dry cloth to remove moisture and prevent odor buildup. Leather conditioners should not be used on the gloves as they can damage the leather.

When storing the gloves, they should be kept away from strong direct sunlight to prevent the leather from becoming brittle or losing its tanned properties. Following these simple care instructions will ensure your gloves remain in top condition for years to come.

Expert Opinions

The gloves have earned endorsements from professional boxers and coaches due to their enduring quality and performance. Many gyms and training centers stock them for their athletes, attesting to their reputation for quality and reliability.

This professional endorsement further solidifies Cleto Reyes’ standing as a top-tier brand in the boxing world, with their Cleto Reyes hook being a popular choice among professionals.

Consumer Feedback

Feedback from users and discussions in boxing communities and forums underscore the quality and performance of the gloves. Consumers praise the gloves’ durability, comfort, and protective features, often noting a marked difference in their hands’ condition after switching to Cleto Reyes from other brands.


These gloves, ranging in price from $142 to over $200, are a high-end choice for those in search of superior gear. Considering the craftsmanship, quality materials, and reputation of the brand, these gloves offer good value for money.

This price range reflects their standing as a premium product in the boxing gear market, a testament to their superior performance and durability.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section addresses frequent questions about Cleto Reyes gloves, encompassing their value, their appropriateness for beginners, and how they compare to other brands.

Are Cleto Reyes Worth It?

Yes, Cleto Reyes gloves are worth the investment, particularly for individuals who train frequently. They are made to last and provide excellent hand and wrist support. The craftsmanship, quality materials, and rubber foam padding used in Cleto Reyes gloves make them highly suitable for heavy bag work and mitts, offering a comfortable experience that absorbs the impact of power punches.

Where are Cleto Reyes Gloves Made?

Cleto Reyes gloves are handmade in Mexico, which contributes to their reputation for design and quality.

Are Cleto Reyes tight?

Cleto Reyes gloves are known to be snug, and some users may find them a bit tight, especially if they have large hands. However, they are well-made and of high quality.

Can Beginners Use Cleto Reyes Gloves?

While Cleto Reyes gloves are suitable for all levels, they come with a higher price tag and features that may be more appreciated by intermediate or advanced fighters.

Can You Use Cleto Reyes for Sparring?

Yes, Cleto Reyes gloves provide adequate protection and support for sparring sessions. They are designed with features like extra padding, quality materials, and a snug fit that make them an excellent choice for sparring.

How long does Cleto Reyes take to Break in?

The break-in time for Cleto Reyes gloves varies, but most users find them comfortable from the start. Over time, the gloves conform more naturally to the hands, enhancing their comfort and fit.

Did Muhammad Ali use Cleto Reyes?

Yes, Muhammad Ali used Cleto Reyes gloves in some of his fights, including his final win against Leon Spinks.

What Other Boxers Wore Cleto Reyes Gloves?

Numerous professional boxers, including Manny Pacquiao and Julio Cesar Chavez, have worn Cleto Reyes gloves.

Can Cleto Reyes Gloves be Used for Kickboxing?

Yes, Cleto Reyes gloves are suitable for kickboxing training, bag work, and sparring.

Can Cleto Reyes Gloves be Used for Muay Thai?

Yes, Cleto Reyes gloves can be used for Muay Thai training and sparring.

How do Cleto Reyes Gloves Compare with Winning Boxing Gloves?

Both Cleto Reyes and Winning gloves offer high-quality options for boxing gloves. However, Cleto Reyes gloves are known for their durability and protection, while Winning gloves are praised for their comfort and padding.

Final Thoughts on Cleto Reyes Gloves


To sum up, Cleto Reyes gloves represent an upscale choice for those looking for robust, high-quality gloves. They provide outstanding protection and performance and are also highly regarded in the boxing community.

They have also been chosen by numerous professional fighters for their reliability and superior craftsmanship. With a range of models to choose from and a reputation for long-lasting quality, Cleto Reyes training gloves are a worthwhile investment for any serious boxer or those practicing martial arts.

If you have more questions about the Cleto Reyes gloves then contact us today to get them answered.

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